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Gladsom Community Celebrates “Gladsom Day 2k24”



MANGALORE 1st May: Gladsom Home Students Celebrate Gladsom Day 2024 on May 1st along with the Bishop, Peiests, and Parents on Wednesday at Gladsom Home.

The celebration started with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Most Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldhana, Bishop of Mangalore. After the Mass, a cultural program was organized.

There were 4 items presented by Gladsom Brothers. Firstly there was Instrumental Music performed, later there was singing and to keep up the Konkani tradition Gumta songs were sung with Gumts beats. Lastly there was a skit performed by the brothers with the theme “Pilgrims Of Hope”

The Bishop presented the mementos to all the donors of Gladsom Home and addressed the gatheringHe also Congratulated Fr Leo for training the students for better future and was happy about the whole program. Later ANGE 2024 was released by Bishop along with Rector and Spiritual Director.

The programme was organised by Rev. Fr Praveen Leo Lasrado along with Regent Br Blany Fernandes. The Sisters of Jesus and Mary convent, Diya Kiran convent, Asha Niketan convent, Ursuline Convent,  Carmel convent and many priests of the Diocese were present. The parents of the students also took part in the celebration. The programm concluded with Dinner.

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