Br Prinston appointed New Regent to Gladsom Home

June 01, 2022:  Gladsom students along with their Rector Rev.Dr Praveen Leo Lasrado welcomed Br Prinston here in Gladsom on Wednesday

Gladsom Family was glad to welcome Br Prinston from Katipalla Parish as the regent of Gladsom Home for this year. Br Prinston was accompanied by his parents and family members.

The programme began with the prayer service, followed by Fr Rector’s words of welcome and at the end Br Prinston expressed his gratitude to Bishop for the appointment as Regent to Gladsom Home where he was a student a few years ago.

Quoting the parable of Good shepherd Rector asked Br Regent to be a good shepherd who takes care of the sheep.


We wish Br Prinston a fruitful ministry as regent in the house.

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